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CI story

The logo is a core element of the identity system that represents the brand. Therefore, it should be applied to all application items in accordance with the specified guidelines and regulations. It must adhere to the Minimum Size requirement for legibility. The logo should never be distorted, modified, or misused in any circumstances. It is essential to comply with the specified guidelines and principles to prevent image damage.
ZinnaTech Co., Ltd.'s CI (Corporate Identity) is expressed in an abstract and organic linear form, which indirectly represents the initials Z and N of the company. It also embodies the concept of technology (industrial technology). The primary colors of ZinnaTech Co., Ltd. are orange and black.


Exclusive Colors
Colors are crucial elements that represent the brand and convey consistent identity. While spot color printing is the principle for print applications, four-color printing can also be used depending on the characteristics of the medium. It should be noted that slight variations in color reproduction may occur due to printing methods, ink concentration, paper material, etc. Therefore, efforts should be made to maintain the optimal condition of color representation.
C 0, M 80, Y 95, K 0
C 0, M 85, Y 95, K 0
C 0, M 36, Y 100, K 0
C 0, M 0, Y 0, K 100